BlueStem Ridge Halloween

by admin ~ October 30th, 2013


The Board is sponsoring a Halloween party for our neighborhood children on Thursday, October 31st.  There will be games, popcorn, cotton candy and prizes.  5 pm to 7:30 pm. at 31st St. Cul-De-Sac.

Costume Contest:  for pre-school, elementary, intermediate and high school kids.

Blue Stem Ridge Neighborhood Party

by admin ~ September 4th, 2013

The Blue Stem Ridge Board is organizing a “Back To School Party”  for our residents.  Let’s get out, hang out, shout out a little friendliness to each other!

Lunch is provided:  Barbeque/Chicken/Baked Beans/Chips.  Bring your own beverage.

This is a great time to get to know your board members.  There will be games for all ages, a dance contest, live DJ and prizes!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st,  10 am – noon in the cul-de-sac on 31st St.

Many thanks to our new board members and their hard work.

The Moore Tornado

by admin ~ June 10th, 2013


May 20th, 2013 will be remembered by many of us for quite some time.   Even though our neighborhood did not take a direct tornado hit,  we were in the debris field and had building materials scattered over our  streets, yards and roofs.  If you haven’t already checked, be sure to clean out your gutters.  We found a photo of a young boy with a cowboy hat in one of our gutters.

Our neighborhood was quite fortunate compared to those who use to live 1 mile away.  Everyone likely knows someone who experienced  some type of loss:  a home, business or loved one.   After surviving this kind of traumatic event,  you can expect to be in shock,  feel dazed,  have difficulty focusing & making decisions, feel distracted, irritable,  very tired and unueasy with approaching storms.  Please seek counseling if you are having trouble functioning.

I certainly appreciated getting to know my neighbors better after the tornado.  There seemed to be a need to talk with each other and share what we were doing or where we were when the destructive monster approached.   Anytime is a good time to visit with your neighbors.

If  you haven’t considered it before,  you might want to research the installation of an above or below ground shelter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have an overwhelming recovery process ahead of them.


New Members Elected on Bluestem Ridge Board

by admin ~ February 12th, 2013

We are happy to report that 7  neighbors were elected to the board on  January 31st!  Congratulations to all!  This gives us a full board of 9 members.   Open meetings, financial accountability and reporting were promised to the HOA.    Stay tuned for more information.

Annual Meeting Notice

by admin ~ January 14th, 2013

Blue Stem Ridge did not have a quorum at the last meeting.   A new meeting has been scheduled for January 31, 2013 at 7 pm at the Moore Library, 225 Howard St.

A proxy vote has been sent out in the mail.   If you cannot attend, please sign your form and give to a trusted neighbor or someone who will attend so we can vote on new board members and any other business that is appropriate for the meeting.

If you fail to attend or return the proxy,  one of the present directors will vote in your place.



Urgently Needed in Blue Stem Ridge!

by admin ~ November 17th, 2012

If you want to know how your dues are being spent, come to the HOA Annual Meeting Monday, November 19th  at 7 pm at the Pioneer Public Library, 225 Howard Dr. in Moore and voice your concerns.

We need at least 5 new board members and new participation!

Our Covenants allow for 9 Directors on the Board: 3 year terms each.   Two of the four present Directors have served almost 5 years.  We need people who are willing to give 2-3 hours a month on either the Board or a committee. We realize everyone is busy but the more who participate, the less the burden on a few. 

•  Do you want to know about Board decisions that affect your property values?
•  Do you want Treasurer Reports & Board meeting minutes conveniently available on  ?
•  Do you want the Covenants fairly and consistently enforced?
•  Do you want an “audit” of the financial records and a financial process that is accountable but practical?
•  Do you want open communication between the Board and neighborhood?
•  Do you want landscaping  issues addressed?
If you support open meetings, open communication, convenient access of Board reports on the website, financial accountability, improvement of landscaping and entrances, please fill out an application to serve on the board and get involved by attending the annual meeting. 

Director Applications are available at  Look in the left menu for Forms.  Fill out and bring to the meeting.


ReZoning Notice for Blue Stem Ridge Residents

by admin ~ October 23rd, 2012

Dear Property Owner,

 On or about September 14, 2012, you were given notice of a public hearing at the Moore Planning Commission to consider Rezoning Application #893 from A-1 Rural Agricultural to C-3 General Commercial and R-1 Single Family Dwelling District. The purpose of this letter is to provide more details concerning the rezoning application.

 History of Property

 In 2002, Rezoning Application #692 was approved, zoning approximately 35 acres on the southeast corner of SW 34th Street and Santa Fe Avenue and along the frontage of SW 34th Street from A-1 Rural Agricultural to C-3 General Commercial. At that time, the property owner had no immediate plans to develop the property, and it has since remained vacant.

 In 2008, Rezoning Application #817 was approved, zoning approximately 96 acres of the property to R-1 Single Family Dwelling District to be developed as a single-family subdivision, known as the Sendera Lakes Addition. The final plat for Sendera Lakes, Section 1, was approved by Moore City Council in 2012, and development is currently underway.

 Current Application

 On October 9, 2012, at 7:00 pm, the Moore Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at Moore City Hall to consider Rezoning Application #893. If approved, this application would change the zoning of the existing pond and drainage ways from A-1 Rural Agriculture to C-3 General Commercial and R-1 Single-Family Dwelling District (please refer to the attached map).  The R-1 property would be incorporated into the developing Sendera Lakes Addition, and the C-3 property would be incorporated into any future General Commercial developments that may occur in the future on the southeast corner of SW 34th and Santa Fe.

 Any person wishing to appear in support or opposition to the proposed change may do so at the October 9 Planning Commission meeting to be held in the City Council Chambers, 301 North Broadway, Moore, Oklahoma.  The Planning Commission will forward its recommendation to the City Council which will hold a meeting on November 5, 2012 at 6:30p.m.  Protest against such change in zoning shall be filed at least three (3) days before the date of the City Council hearing.  If additional information is needed, or if you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the Moore Planning Department at 793-5053.

 Thanks to Nora in the City Community Development Office for the above information.

Blue Stem Ridge Shows Patriotism

by admin ~ July 8th, 2012

While the following pictures show just a few of the flags flying this July 4th weekend,  Blue Stem Ridge homes show their patriotism by a variety of flags and decor.  These houses are a little pocket of patriotism along 31st Terrace.  Blue Stem Ridge neighborhood is a community of 250 homes in Moore, Oklahoma.


A nature aboretum has just been completed at the eastern edge of Blue Stem and a new housing development has begun across the road on it’s southern edge.  There is lots to be proud of in our neighborhood!

Suspicous Activity

by admin ~ January 27th, 2012

A Nighthawk homeowner has reported suspicious activity this Friday morning. Around 6:15 am, a male was seen peering into the windows of this home. The police were called and a report filed. Let’s keep a lookout for suspicious activity or persons and inform the police. It is important to keep our neighborhood safe!

Halloween in Blue Stem Ridge

by admin ~ October 7th, 2011


The City of Moore will observe Halloween on October 31st for neighborhood trick or treating! The usual practice is to turn your porch lights on if you are participating and have treats for the children.  Slow down and drive safely and watch for little ghosts and goblins!